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woocommerce shoes theme


  • hank started the conversation

    I submitted ticket on https://fieldthemes.ticksy.com/ticket/1144514/

    But i was told to raise ticket here. Hopefully someone could help me on this. I bought the theme last week and haven't even get started. 



    According to the themeforest page, the theme only supports

    WooCommerce 2.6.x,  So I downloaded 2.6.12 from woocommerce, and installed without problem, and then installed shoes theme.  

    Please check the attachment_1, it says "This theme requires the following plugin: WooCommerce."

    i go to [Appearance] -> [Installed Plugins], it requires me to install WooCommerce, please check attachement_2. I started the installation, then i have to download the latest woocommerce 3.0.4. 

    Could you please explain:

    Why wouldn't this theme recognise woocommerce 2.6.12? But themeforest pages says only supporting 2.6.x?

    Can I use woocommerce 3.0.4 ? what I should do?


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    John replied

    Hi Hank,

    Sorry about that.

    We will not upgrade shoes store. So this theme only supports Woo 2.6.x.

    After install theme your Woocommerce is 3.0.x. Replace this plugins with Woo 2.6.x in the folder /wp-content/plugins/

    We have attched Woo 2.6.14 for you. 

    Thank you!

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